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The name’s Geoff. Not Geoffrey anymore.

That was the old me…

Back when I was afraid of power tools, and intimidated by the pros who used them.

OPEN UP THE WALL is the  true story of Geoffrey, an award winning actor, and new owner of a run down starter home. The urge to single-handedly renovate the dump consumes him, and ultimately changes his life.The huge sense of accomplishment that comes from working with his hands, and actually doing something useful, is an exhilarating motivator. When he is asked to join a construction crew, Geoff (not Geoffrey anymore) hides his past from his new co-workers, and never looks back on his career as an actor, finding  excitement and personal satisfaction as a carpenter, living a life free of soul destroying auditions, and empty backstage praise.  

After two decades of heavy lifting, a bloody accident tips the scales in favour of retirement, and by the time Geoff completes physiotherapy, he has made the decision to walk away from the heavy duty career that gave his life real purpose.